□ Nextdream Members

Tae Sung Hwan  / Chairman

Shinhan Investment Corp. 

IPO(Initial Public Offering) Dept. 

Strategic Planning of Shinhan GIB Group
Investment Banking (Right Offering, Public Bond)

Principal Investment

Iris Park  /  Partner

Attorney at Law

Corporate Counsel

Korea Univ. Business School 

Brian Y. Hwang  / Partner

Kyung Dong Invest 

Strategy Planning Team 

Samsung Electronics (DS Accounting Group)

Han Jong Hyo / Partner

Hanyang Securities

Asset Management Division 

Equity Analyst, Fund Manager 

Yoon Jae Sun  / Partner

ChangChun Lawfirm 

Attorney at Law


Chae Seung Hoon  / Partner

ChangChun Lawfirm 

Attorney at Law


Lee Min Woo  / Co-General Partner

Kyobo Securities 

Structured Finance Dept.

Shinyoung Securities (Private Banker)

Mercer Research Analyst

Jaedy Kim / Partner

ShuuA Partners 

Strategy Advisor

Seoul Nat’l Univ. Architecture/Business

Danny Park  / Partner

Eugene Investment & Securities 

Investment Banking Dept. 

Hana Financial Investment (Research)

Shin Hyun Jae  / Venture Capital Partner 

D3 Jubilee Partners(Venture Capital)

Investment Division 

Mirae Asset Private Equity

Investment Division KPMG, Deal Advisory

Park Joon Beom  / Partner (Group of Lecturers) 



IBK Securities (Principal Investment) 

Dawonsys (Strategy Planning Team)

Yoon Hyuck Min  / Partner

Koramcofund Investment Division 

Senior manager

Shinyoung Securities (Privite Banker)

Shin Bo Hun  / Press Partner 

Aju News Corp. 

Growth enterprise department 


Kim Hyun Seok  / Series Investment Partner

ANDA Asset Management

Portfolio Management  

Multi-Strategy Fund Manager 

Award of Maekyung Small cap 2nd Analyst


Kim Ho Young  / Series Investment Partner

ANDA Asset Management 

Portfolio Manager 

Multi-Asset Fund Manager


Min Hyun Ki  / Series Investment Partner 

DS Asset Management 

Senior Fund Manager

Kiwoom Securities (Principal Investment)

Yoon Chang Min / Co-General Partner
Shinhan Investment Corp.

Research departments Small Cap 

Hankyung Business Best Analyst ('17~'19)

Maeil Business Best Anlayst ('17~'19) 

Jason Minkee Kim / Partner

Quotabook Director of Global Ventures

Wework Labs Manager

Project Ball, Executive Director  

Dailyboom Founder(Acquired by Yppuna Inc.)

Memoirs Inc, Founder & CEO 

Lee Hyun Woong  / Partner

Miraeassetdaewoo Sec. 

FICC Trading Department

Hwang Hyeon Jib / Partner

Asset Management 

Investment Manager 

Ryan Jeong Hun Choi   / Partner

VI Asset management Korea Co.,Ltd 

Corporate & Structured Finance

Real Asset Management

Han Kyung Rae  / Partner

Daishin Securities 

Asset Research Dept. Small Cap Analyst 

Maekyung Best Analyst Small Cap team '17-'18 2nd Prize 

Hankyung Best Analyst Small Cap team '17-'18 2nd Prize 

Rha Jin Chul jayden  / Partner


Senior director VC

junior Analyist at Kclavis investment   

Kim Keon Woo  / Partner


Software Engineer, Uber 

Park Kyung Keun / Partner

Daishin Securities 

IPO(Initial Public Offering) Dept.

eBEST Investment & Securities 

Research Analyst(Ship building/Machine) 

Pee Kang Hee  / Partner

KPX Holdings

Investment Management Team

HDC Asset Management (Multi Solution Div. 

Derivatives & Quant) 

Yoo Hang Yeul  / Partner
LG Uplus 

Telco Product Planning Dept. 

B2C Combination Product Planner 

Lee You Jin  / Partner
IBK Securities

Capital Market Business OTC Derivatives Team 

ELS Hedge Trading

Justin Sin   / Partner
Samil PwC 

Deals - Samil PwC Valuation specialist 

M&A Advisor

Lee Ji Hoon  / Venture Capital Partner
IGIS Investment Partners 

Investment Headquarters   

Samil Pwc (Deals, M&A Advisory)


Jung Jae Woong  / Partner
KB Investment  

Business Development Division

Hana Financial Investment (Investment Products Department) 

Shinyoung Securities (Financial Product Planning)

Min Ung Jun / Partner / Fintech Advisor 
Hana TI, Head of C&D Innovation Center Open Innovation, venture development 

Finqq, Fin2B, Danal CEO

Boston Consulting Group(BCG)  

Chung Zee Young  / Partner

Attorney at Law 

Corporate, Finance

Hwang Hoon jin  / Partner

Arthur D. Little Korea Partner

A.T.Kearney Korea Partner  

Oliver Wyman Senior Associate 

Kim Young Kyu / Partner

Hi Investment & Securities (DGB)

Yeouido Business Sales Dept. 

Deputy General Manager

Justin Kim  / Venture Capital Partner 

Venture Capital

Software Engineered

Fund Manager

Jung  Young Hoon  / Partner

ChangChun Lawfirm 

Attorney at Law


Olivia Ju young Park  / Partner

Hanwha Investment & Securities 

Venture Capital 

Investment Banking

Kim Dong Woon  / Partner

Seewan Lawfirm 

Attorney at Law

Lim Chae Mook   / Partner

Mechanical Engineer

Device Solution Center Semiconductor Equipment Development 

Kim Yong Gap  /  Partner

Maeil Business TV 

Newsroom Reporter

Kim Yeun Woo   /  Partner

Midas Asset Management 

Portfolio Manager (Fixed Income) 


Kim Jae Yoon   /  Venture Partner

Deepsearch Founder & CEO

Partners Investment (Venture Capital Investor)

Deloitte Anjin (CPA)   

NHN (Programmer)

Woo Seung Yeon  /  Partner

Samil PwC 

Deals Deal Team

M&A Advisory, Accounting, Corporate finance services 

Jung Chang Eun  /  Partner

Daishin Securities 

Daishin Securities IPO(Initial Public Offering) Dept. 

Samjeong KPMG(KICPA)

Park Seung Yun  /  Partner

AlpenRoute Asset Management 

Venture Capital

Equity Analyst 

RA Intern at DB Financial Investment

Jo Jae Hoon  /  Partner

Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers 

Corporate FInance team 

Private M&A


Oh Ji Hwan /  Partner


Data analyst / Valuation specialist

Samil PwC(Deals Deal Team) 


Heo Kab Sung /  Partner

Hi Investment & Securities (DGB)

Yeouido Business Sales Dept. 

General Manager

Choi Young Woo  /  Partner

Hi Investment & Securities (DGB)

Dogok WM Branch II 

Branch Manager

An Sang Mo  /  Partner


Banking Center Relationship Manager & Deputy General Manager 

Coporate Banking - IB, Loan, FX

DEREK KIM  / Series Investment Partner

Anda Asset Management 

Senior Analyst

NH Investment & Securities (Jr. Analyst)  

KB Asset Management (IT Sector Analyst) 

ASTRA Asset Management (Asia Tech Analyst) 

Lee Sang Hoon  /  Partner

Bright Invest 

IPO, Pre-IPO Investment

Deloitte Anjin LLC


Lee Young Ho  /  Partner

Mobility M&A Team

L.E.K. consulting (Associate)

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